How does the GMAX One reach such performance?

What is about the GMAX One?

GMAX One is not in the same category of simulators as its competitors.

While other acceleration simulators reproduce accelerations and brakings in ways that do not match the reality, the GMAX One truly responds to a need for realistic acceleration simulations.

Flawed effect a usual simulation trouble: when the speed becomes positive, the head is pulled forward although it should be pulled back

What is so special about the GMAX One?

The system automatically finds the resultant of various forces applied to the user while acceleration or braking processes and adapts the angle and directions of the body.

According to the nature of the movement given to the user, to direct it suitably, opposite accelerations in the deliberate effect can appear, at least in certain parts of the body.

The simulator changes the orientation of the user so as to enslave gravity and use it as a tool in the simulation.

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GMAX One gives a matchless acceleration feeling

the optimum use of the jerk is made possible thanks to the axial shift combined with a simultaneous rotation using gravitation.

he initial acceleration simulated can reach up to 10 m/s and to 30 m/s thanks to the jerk on a short but powerful acceleration. The acceleration feeling is essential in simulation to reproduce it in a controlled way. Pilots unconsciously compute the energy used to accelerate and then to brake, that’s why the acceleration accuracy is a major issue.

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